Housekeeping Rates & Cost of Services


See Chart Below For Combined Costs

  • Cleaners charge their fee on the job ($25 per hour – cash or check payable to cleaner)
  • WGE charges its Agency Fee to your credit card ($19-$45 per cleaner per appointment)
  • Tipping is customary but not required
  • You will not be charged for anything until Time of Service

Total Cost Per Cleaning

Daily Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly As Needed
3 Hours (Studio Special) $95.69 $113.10 $113.10
4 Hours $120.69 $138.10 $148.99
5 Hours $145.69 $163.10 $173.99
6 Hours $170.69 $188.10 $198.99
7 Hours $195.69 $213.10 $223.99
8 Hours $220.69 $238.10 $248.99

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All appointments carry a 4 hour minimum except for studio apartments 500 sq ft or less (3 hour min.)

Agency fee for 3-hour “as needed” Studio Special cleaning (500 sq ft or less) is $35 + tax per appointment (one cleaner.)


WGE offers experienced individuals to help with your special event as servers or bartenders.

Rates shown are per server, per appointment. Server’s fees are paid on the job in cash or check made payable to them. WGE fees are payable by credit card.

Sales tax is added to all WGE charges and is not included in rates shown.

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