Home Cleaning Rates & Cost of Services


See Chart Below For Combined Costs

  • Cleaners charge their fee on the job – $25 per hour. Cleaners accept cash,  check payable to cleaner, or payment app (such as Zelle, Venmo, Cash App – please confirm when booking)
  • WGE charges its Agency Fee to your credit card ($19-$45 per cleaner per appointment)
  • Tipping is customary but not required
  • You will not be charged for anything until Time of Service

Total Cost Per Cleaning

Daily Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly As Needed
3 Hours (Studio Special) $95.69 $113.10 $113.10
4 Hours $120.69 $138.10 $148.99
5 Hours $145.69 $163.10 $173.99
6 Hours $170.69 $188.10 $198.99
7 Hours $195.69 $213.10 $223.99
8 Hours $220.69 $238.10 $248.99

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All appointments carry a 4 hour minimum except for studio apartments 500 sq ft or less (3 hour min.)

Agency fee for 3-hour “as needed” Studio Special cleaning (500 sq ft or less) is $35 + tax per appointment (one cleaner.)


The truth is that your cleaner is the one who most benefits from your payments.  WGE charges nothing to your cleaner, no registration fees, no commissions and no agency fees. Your cleaner has many shifts to fill beyond the shift(s) they work for you.  Your cleaner needs you to support the organization that provides daily work and support for them.  If somebody stiffs your cleaner, WGE pays them. If somebody wrongs your cleaner, WGE rights it.  You are, in effect, paying for their representation, the aspects of which also benefit you, both directly and indirectly.  Here are some of those benefits:

  • $5,000 Courtesy for Loss – WGE offers up to $5,000 per instance should you experience any loss at the hands of your cleaner.

  • $5,000 Courtesy for Cleaners – WGE offers up to $5,000 per instance should your cleaner get injured or suffer loss on the job (I usually think of this as an injury courtesy, but I once bought a cleaner a new down coat when they tore it on a door latch while leaving a job.)

  • Substitutes – When your cleaner calls out sick, your job becomes our top priority for the day, and we can usually get another great cleaner out to you that very same day.

  • Schedule Management – WGE manages your cleaner’s schedule. We preserve your slots when other clients call and ask for service.  If you need to change an appointment, we try to shift appointments with other clients to accommodate your request. Our schedule management saves the cleaner substantial time so that they can focus more on cleaning and less on scheduling, making your paid time more cost-effective.
  • Advice – Call and get a real person on the phone to get advice on any related issue from the best way to clean a shower curtain to the best way to get your cleaner not to wear so much perfume. lol. We are actual, real, live people in the office, and we are here all day from 8am-6pm M-F and from 9am-3pm on Saturdays.  Just call 212-684-4460.
  • Dispute Resolution – Perhaps better referred to as “Marriage Counselling” :-).  For 30 years, we have been fostering long, healthy working relationships between clients and cleaners.  We have seen clients and cleaner make every relationship-ending mistake in the book and we are professionals at navigating both parties around those hazards.
  • Work Replacement – When you go on vacation or have to cancel for any reason, WGE replaces the work with temporary appointments for your cleaner. This keeps you from feeling obligated to support your cleaner when canceling or going on vacation. AND it makes them much more likely to be there when you return.  This works both ways:  When your cleaner cancels or goes on vacation, we can provide a qualified replacement for you until they return.
  • Income Stability – With our large client base, we have a wide array of appointments to fill your cleaner’s days with work when they want it.  This helps eliminate down-time for them and keeps their fees lower for you.

  • Cleaner Replacement – Even great relationships can sour and even great cleaners can get stale in homes over time.  If that time does come, WGE can give you a fresh cleaner and give your cleaner a fresh new assignment without anybody skipping a beat.  No-harm-no-foul.  WGE has everybody’s back so that you never have to feel bad about letting a cleaner go.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – If you are ever unhappy with an appointment, we’ll send somebody else out to make it right or give you your money back at no cost to the cleaner.


WGE offers experienced individuals to help with your special event as servers or bartenders.

Rates shown are per server, per appointment. Server’s fees are paid on the job in cash or check made payable to them. WGE fees are payable by credit card.

Sales tax is added to all WGE charges and is not included in rates shown.

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