This Rule Will Save You Hours Around the House

Washing fork in sinkHere’s White Glove Elite’s founder Jim Ireland’s priceless 7-Second Rule: Whenever you remove an item of clothing or bring a dish to the sink, I ask myself, “Do I have seven seconds to hang this item or rinse it and put it in the dishwasher?” The answer is invariably “yes” and it saves me hours every month trying to decipher my dirty wrinkled laundry from my cleaner wrinkled laundry. And for dishes it saves me a half-hour per week by not having to soak and scrub caked-on dirty dishes.

It takes 45 days to build a new repetitive habit because that is about how long it takes for your brain to blaze a new neural pathway. While it might not be easy at first, 7 seconds here and there is very realistic to fit into your daily routine (unlike say, spending an hour at the gym, or cutting out carbs completely.) So what’s the harm in trying? Scientists have proven that small steps on the path to greater goals gives you brain a tiny hit of the neurochemical dopamine – so hey, you might start even enjoying it as well! Think BIG PICTURE!

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Childrens’ Room Clean

It’s about time to cut the clutter, get organized and clean your children’s bedroom like never before!

Children’s rooms are quite tricky to clean, especially since they are usually filled with old toys, clothes, storage boxes and school-related clutter.

Below are 5 Childrens’ room cleaning tips courtesy of our CEO, Jim Ireland:

1. Use Storage Containers

Using storage bins on a regular basis is critical in maintaining a clean room. Use separate containers for crayons, pencils, markers and paints in order to keep supplies organized. Assign and label bins for toys and separate them according to their category (stuffed toys, blocks, etc.).

If space is an issue, be sure to purchase storage containers that will fit on all of the shelves in the room. You can also utilize the space under the bed to ensure that your children’s toys remain out of sight!

2. De-clutter Regularly.

You’d be surprised at how quickly junk can accumulate, especially in your child’s room. Bi-monthly routine cleanings will ensure that your children’s space remains clear of any disheveled clothes, toys, and unused supplies.

3. Teach Your Children To Play With One Toy At A Time

Don’t let your child play in a room full of scattered toys! As a household rule, have them place toys back in their proper place right before they pull out a new box. It’s a win-win situation: More floor space = more room to play!

4. Put Old Toys In A Storage Box And Keep Them Hidden Away Each Season

Don’t put all of your toys out at once! Keep some of your children’s toys stored away each season. When the new season arrives, unveil their “new” box of toys. It’ll be like Christmas all over again!

5. Donate Toys To Charity

Look for toys that are not being played with and ask them to give their old toys to a relative or a friend. It’s always nice to teach children how to give what they used to cherish for other people they love and care for.

It is never too early to set your children on the right track to a life of organization! If you want an organized room for your children, now’s the right time to de-clutter and have your children play in a room without all that mess.

DIY All Natural Disinfectant Spray

It’s best to avoid using too many chemicals in your home. Chemical disinfectants like Lysol can end up having a reverse effect and disrupt the balance of both good and bad bacteria in your home. Try this recipe for a non-toxic, homemade disinfectant:

All that’s needed is your standard dish soap, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and 2 spray bottles.

1. Clean area with soap and water
2. Spray a mist of vinegar
3. Spray a mist of hydrogen peroxide (do not mix with vinegar)
4. Let the area air dry for 10 minutes

5. Wipe down with a damp paper towel.

Testing out our cleaning tips? We would love to hear your thoughts!