This Money Saving Knowledge Will Make You a Shower Curtain Cleaning Pro

Bathroom Shower Curtain
Photo by yann maignan on Unsplash

We sat down with White Glove Elite Founder, Jim Ireland (a cleaner himself for 15 years) to discuss some lesser known cleaning tips and he was more than happy to share this gem!

My least favorite cleaning chore for the first decade of my cleaning career was cleaning shower curtains/liners. The ones with the soap scum and oftentimes black mildew at the bottom of them because my clients apparently hated to clean them as much as I did. My reason for hating this chore was because spray cleaners are not strong enough, scouring cleansers are very difficult to rinse, and it is impossible to get enough leverage to effectively use elbow grease without tearing the liner from the rings on curtain rod.

Does this familiar to anyone? YUCK.

Luckily, Jim found a solution.

I had been told to launder them, but I didn’t get great results when I had tried that UNTIL I added rags and bleach to the process: I now remove the shower liners, gather cleaning rags and white socks, place in a tumble washer and launder in hot water using half of your normal amount of detergent and one cup of bleach. If your shower curtain/liner does not come out looking like new, then you didn’t have enough rags or socks in the load.

And luckily a bit knowledge led to a happy conclusion.

This job is now – no lie – my single most favorite chore around the house.

Next time you find yourself stuck on something your dreading – sometimes a bit a knowledge, advice, or experimentation can totally change the game and alter your entire mentality. And even save you some cash. Who knew you could wash shower curtains? I was FAR too resigned to chuck them in trash – after also letting them get WAY grimier than common sense hygiene would allow – solely because I considered them disposable. Your wallet will thank you!

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