The One Mistake That Ruins Everything After You Clean Up

Clutter in Bedroom

We all know the feeling when we are SO GLAD to walk into the room and appreciate the clean, organized, and packed away aesthetic beauty of mess-free environment. Sometimes that reflects the hard-won fruits of your labor, or sometimes that of someone else! Either way, time, energy, and effort went into achieving this.  Invariably, that hard work will fade due to the realities of life – but that doesn’t mean you should give up your space’s beauty so willingly.

This mistake is an easy one to understand, but not the easiest to implement, especially when you often find yourself exhausted or in a rush! But if you can embrace this mindset as a lifestyle, you’ll be ahead of the pack, and will thank yourself (and impress any guests/roommates.)

Simply – Don’t break the ice!  Once you have a clean surface, keep it perfect as long as you can!  As soon as you put one piece of clothing on that empty chair or one cup on that clean counter, you will think it’s okay to put another and they each will have six friends before you can say “clutter”.

To help you on this journey, embrace White Glove Elite founder, Jim Ireland’s 7-Second Rule, especially in the evening. When you remove your clothes for the day, ask yourself “do I have 7 seconds to…hang up, fold this, or put it in the laundry?”  The answer is invariably yes and will lead to astonishing results for those who so easily accumulate the dreaded pile of clothes.

The 7-Second Rule works with everything: cups on the counter, dishes not in the dishwasher, shoes on the floor, bags on the chair,mail on the table (okay, maybe you’d have to apply the 7-MINUTE rule to the mail.)

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