What’s The Best Way to Wash (and Get Smells Out of) Pillows?

Pillow Sheets and Bedding

We all know about laundering pillow cases… but think there’s nothing to be done about the pillow itself? WRONG!

Get a cheap bottle of vodka and a spray bottle. Mix 1 part vodka to 3 parts water. (You could splash for the nice stuff…but that means less to celebrate with later!)

Spray the pillow liberally and let dry (ideally in the sun – solar power is totally green). Fluff and repeat. Use a stronger solution for tougher odors. Plan to do this about once a month.

PRO TIPS Avoid drenching pillow and definitely do not submerge it into water!

Why does this work? Well there’s no chemists here at White Glove Elite, but the following IS true:

  • Alcohol is a powerful sterilizer and antimicrobial.
  • Vodka, as opposed to other spirits, has little in it beyond ethanol and water – by watering it down further, its as close to odorless (and colorless) as you can get in a cleaning solution.

Provenance of advice (given White Glove Elite founder, Jim Ireland’s, adjunct career as a stage actor) : Did you ever notice that dry cleaning does nothing for odors? Theaters across the country prefer this solution over dry cleaning to launder delicate, odor-rich costumes.

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