Easy as Pie Tips for Moving!

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Whether you’re moving for work, snatching a too-good-to-be-true deal on rent, getting more space to start a family (the reasons are endless) – the process itself is rarely fun. Imagining your future life in a new home is wonderful – you just have to get all your stuff there first. (Though we do wish that physical reality could move in lock-step with our daydreams…at least sometimes.)

And like everything with a lot of moving pieces, moving is easy to screw up.

Worst fears include damaging items, scratching the floors, or even losing treasured possessions. While accidents can still happens, we have some tips from White Glove Elite founder, Jim Ireland that are easy to implement and can save you a lot of struggle so you don’t have to resort to that Ibuprofen bottle after both your back and your head hurts.

Hold that run to laundromat.

With the exception of undergarments, dirty laundry is a much more effective packing material than packing paper and the trees will thank you! Use it for your most fragile items.

Repeat things you enjoy, not things your don’t.

Don’t waste time wiping or cleaning items before you pack. You’ll just be doing it again when you get there.

If you’re paying to rent a truck or van, use a little thought beforehand.

The greatest tetris expert can easily be foiled with just one quick start against a tightly packed stack if the stack is not level across the entire bed of the truck.

Use what you almost certainly have to lug heavy items.

Everyone knows to use blankets in the truck to protect un-boxed furniture, but few people use moving blankets within their apartment for the moving of furniture and boxes. Pack your boxes on top of a moving blanket and slide the stack of boxes where you need by pulling on the blanket. Place blankets under furniture and never scratch your floor again. Save your back and your security deposit! Moving blankets are very low-friction and are an amazing tool to help you move with ease.

With this knowledge in mind, save yourself some grief and make the most out of this big moment in your life. Your wallet, peace of mind, and schedule will thank you.

P.S. White Glove Elite would be glad to help you out with the move-out/move-in cleaning….

We hope the knowledge on this blog helps you treat your home with care. However, sometimes it’s great to have help – otherwise we wouldn’t be in business. Book service online today or call us at 212-684-4460 to schedule an appointment with New York City’s top tier housekeepers.

1 Rule to Avert Your Very Own Hoarding Horror Story

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WGE Founder Jim Ireland spent over 15 years cleaning New York City apartments as a supplement to his career as a stage and screen actor. Having seen inside both the glitziest and grimiest abodes Manhattan has to offer, we asked Jim to share some of his cleaning horror stories.

This one in particular stood out.

I once arrived to clean an apartment in Midtown with another cleaner. The woman met us out in the hall to warn us that her place was “very messy”. She stood in the hallway with her door ajar as if she was hiding her home from us. When she invited us in, she squeezed through the narrow door opening, as did we, with the stunning revelation that she was not hiding her place but had hoarded so much stuff that she could barely open her front door. We literally stepped up into her apartment and were walking so high off of the floor on her “stuff” that we had to duck to get through the interior doorways. In the bedroom there was no sight of a bed, only the gradual rise and fall of a magazine mound.

Don’t live in a landfill! (Well unless you’re into that sort of thing – you know what they say about one man’s trash…)

While we’ve shared with you Jim’s 7 Second Rule for preventing messes from accumulating in the first place. However that ship has long sailed if you find yourself in a situation such as the one Jim found our friendly neighborhood hoarder in. Even if it’s not that bad, recognizing that the clutter is reaching an unacceptable level is the first step to taking action. What do you do if the problem is HOW DO I GET RID OF ALL THIS STUFF? There’s a reason (psychological, sentimental, laziness) you held onto these things in the first place, so Jim has a helpful rule to cut through the uncertainty, set down some boundaries, and make it easy to get down to getting rid of all this junk.

The 2 Year Rule: If you haven’t worn or used something this season or last season, give it to someone who will. And if you’re holding onto it because you’re thrifty, give it to a not-for-profit organization, get a receipt for it and deduct it from your taxes.

If you can’t think of someone who would make use of these things, or if they aren’t suitable for anyone else – then there’s only one appropriate action: disposal (don’t forget to recycle if that’s appropriate.) There you go – if you’re holding onto something for the mere sake that it might come in handy some day at the expense of comfort in your present living space, then either you’re delusional or you need a storage unit. Follow this rule (you don’t have to blindly terrorize yourself, a FEW exceptions are allowed) and you will find yourself de-cluttering your space, your mind, and gaining square footage you totally forgot about!

We hope the knowledge on this blog helps you treat your home with care. However, sometimes it’s great to have help – otherwise we wouldn’t be in business. Book service online today or call us at 212-684-4460 to schedule an appointment with New York City’s top tier housekeepers.

The Most Important POV For A Clean Bathroom

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It’s all about perspective.

“A quick cleaning trick is to take a second to sit on the john before leaving the bathroom,” WGE Founder Jim Ireland says. “That’s where people spend the most idle time in there and have a chance to see how clean your bathroom really is.”

Such a simple, but obvious trick.

Also – and this one is applicable in all rooms – if you’re a particularly tall (or short) person, try switching up your elevation with a quick crouch or climb on a chair. What looks a perfectly clean room from a scan around at your height can instantly reveal undusted surfaces or hidden debris.

We hope the knowledge on this blog helps you treat your home with care. However, sometimes it’s great to have help – otherwise we wouldn’t be in business. Book service online today or call us at 212-684-4460 to schedule an appointment with New York City’s top tier housekeepers.

This Money Saving Knowledge Will Make You a Shower Curtain Cleaning Pro

Bathroom Shower Curtain
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We sat down with White Glove Elite Founder, Jim Ireland (a cleaner himself for 15 years) to discuss some lesser known cleaning tips and he was more than happy to share this gem!

My least favorite cleaning chore for the first decade of my cleaning career was cleaning shower curtains/liners. The ones with the soap scum and oftentimes black mildew at the bottom of them because my clients apparently hated to clean them as much as I did. My reason for hating this chore was because spray cleaners are not strong enough, scouring cleansers are very difficult to rinse, and it is impossible to get enough leverage to effectively use elbow grease without tearing the liner from the rings on curtain rod.

Does this familiar to anyone? YUCK.

Luckily, Jim found a solution.

I had been told to launder them, but I didn’t get great results when I had tried that UNTIL I added rags and bleach to the process: I now remove the shower liners, gather cleaning rags and white socks, place in a tumble washer and launder in hot water using half of your normal amount of detergent and one cup of bleach. If your shower curtain/liner does not come out looking like new, then you didn’t have enough rags or socks in the load.

And luckily a bit knowledge led to a happy conclusion.

This job is now – no lie – my single most favorite chore around the house.

Next time you find yourself stuck on something your dreading – sometimes a bit a knowledge, advice, or experimentation can totally change the game and alter your entire mentality. And even save you some cash. Who knew you could wash shower curtains? I was FAR too resigned to chuck them in trash – after also letting them get WAY grimier than common sense hygiene would allow – solely because I considered them disposable. Your wallet will thank you!

We hope the knowledge on this blog helps you treat your home with care. However, sometimes it’s great to have help – otherwise we wouldn’t be in business. Book service online today or call us at 212-684-4460 to schedule an appointment with New York City’s top tier housekeepers.

This Rule Will Save You Hours Around the House

Washing fork in sinkHere’s White Glove Elite’s founder Jim Ireland’s priceless 7-Second Rule: Whenever you remove an item of clothing or bring a dish to the sink, I ask myself, “Do I have seven seconds to hang this item or rinse it and put it in the dishwasher?” The answer is invariably “yes” and it saves me hours every month trying to decipher my dirty wrinkled laundry from my cleaner wrinkled laundry. And for dishes it saves me a half-hour per week by not having to soak and scrub caked-on dirty dishes.

It takes 45 days to build a new repetitive habit because that is about how long it takes for your brain to blaze a new neural pathway. While it might not be easy at first, 7 seconds here and there is very realistic to fit into your daily routine (unlike say, spending an hour at the gym, or cutting out carbs completely.) So what’s the harm in trying? Scientists have proven that small steps on the path to greater goals gives you brain a tiny hit of the neurochemical dopamine – so hey, you might start even enjoying it as well! Think BIG PICTURE!

We hope the knowledge on this blog helps you treat your home with care. However, sometimes it’s great to have help – otherwise we wouldn’t be in business. Book service online today or call us at 212-684-4460 to schedule an appointment with New York City’s top tier housekeepers.

White Glove Elite Garners Angie’s List 2017 Super Service Award

Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service

Angie's List Super Service Award Winner 2017

New York, New York – May 1, 2018 – White Glove Elite is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award (SSA). This award honors service professionals who have maintained exceptional service ratings and reviews on Angie’s List in 2017.

“The service providers that receive our Angie’s List Super Service Award have demonstrated the level of excellence that members have come to expect,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “These pros have provided top-notch service to our members and absolutely deserve recognition for the exemplary customer service they exhibited in the past year.”

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2017 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include maintaining an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade and review period grade. The SSA winners must be in good standing with Angie’s List, pass a background check, record a current trade license attestation and abide by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

“We’re honored to receive Angie’s List Super Service Award,” said owner Jim Ireland. “We stand behind our work with a strong track record for customer satisfaction. Since 1992, we have referred cleaners to over 96,000 clients. Angie’s List is a great way to meet homeowners who want to hire businesses they can trust. The growth of our business has made it possible for us to perform free house cleaning for women battling cancer and residing in New York City. We choose to give back in this way to the very community that supports our business.”

White Glove Elite has been listed on Angie’s List since 2006. Service company ratings are updated continually on Angie’s List as new, verified consumer reviews are submitted. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in multiple fields ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality.

For over two decades, Angie’s List has been a trusted name for connecting consumers to top-rated service professionals. Angie’s List provides unique tools and support designed to improve the local service experience for both consumers and service professionals.


To view the full press release please visit our partner organization, Cleaning for a Reason’s website. White Glove Elite has partnered with Cleaning for a Reason since 2017 to donate free home cleanings to women battling cancer in New York City.

Home Cleaning is a Gig Economy Job That Supports Artists Part 2

As a continuation of our series, Meaghan Boeing volunteered to highlight the ways in which White Glove Elite has enriched her life. Here is her testimonial outlining how the wages she’s earned at White Glove Elite helped her pursue a career in theater:

“I am a performing artist hustling in NYC, and like many others, I need a survival job that helps me pay my rent while allowing me to audition, film and leave town for theatre work. White Glove Elite offers me flexibility in scheduling, competitive pay, and support in the field so I always feel taken care of. WGE cares about both its employees and clients, and I am incredibly grateful to Jimmy and his crew.”

Stories like Meaghan’s are numerous among our cleaners. We look forward to sharing more with you over the next several weeks. We hope you enjoy them as much as they’ve motivated us to maintain our standards for being a socially conscious company.

Home Cleaning is a Gig Economy Job That Supports Artists Part 1

Here at White Glove Elite, we encourage our cleaners to achieve and pursue their passions. We are a socially conscious employment agency who encourages personal growth, a healthy work-life balance and above-average compensation. We’ve decided to share their stories.

Below is a testimonial from one of our long-time cleaners, Michael Fasano:

“Hi! My name is Michael Fasano and I am an actor as well as a singer and dancer. I currently live in Connecticut and commute to New York City for auditions and dance class. I chose to live outside of the city with my family to save my money and to free up my time as I pursue my dream of being on Broadway!

White Glove Elite has turned out to be an absolutely perfect match for me for a few reasons. One reason is that cleaning totally relaxes me and centers me for my professional life, which can be somewhat chaotic and stressful. Another is, I have a regular client who’s business I clean who I get along with wonderfully. He couldn’t be more supportive or accommodating of my changing schedule!

With a lifestyle like mine, flexibility is essential. Not only do I feel like White Glove is accommodating and supportive, but I also I feel they go out of their way to match me with clients who I’m very comfortable with and respected by.

I’m very happy at White Glove Elite!” –Michael Fasano

Stories like these are heartwarming, inspiring and plentiful here at WGE. They motivate us to remain mindful of empowering to our diverse and talented staff.

5 Tips For Keeping Your Childrens’ Room Clean

It’s about time to cut the clutter, get organized and clean your children’s bedroom like never before!

Children’s rooms are quite tricky to clean, especially since they are usually filled with old toys, clothes, storage boxes and school-related clutter.

Below are 5 Childrens’ room cleaning tips courtesy of our CEO, Jim Ireland:

1. Use Storage Containers

Using storage bins on a regular basis is critical in maintaining a clean room. Use separate containers for crayons, pencils, markers and paints in order to keep supplies organized. Assign and label bins for toys and separate them according to their category (stuffed toys, blocks, etc.).

If space is an issue, be sure to purchase storage containers that will fit on all of the shelves in the room. You can also utilize the space under the bed to ensure that your children’s toys remain out of sight!

2. De-clutter Regularly.

You’d be surprised at how quickly junk can accumulate, especially in your child’s room. Bi-monthly routine cleanings will ensure that your children’s space remains clear of any disheveled clothes, toys, and unused supplies.

3. Teach Your Children To Play With One Toy At A Time

Don’t let your child play in a room full of scattered toys! As a household rule, have them place toys back in their proper place right before they pull out a new box. It’s a win-win situation: More floor space = more room to play!

4. Put Old Toys In A Storage Box And Keep Them Hidden Away Each Season

Don’t put all of your toys out at once! Keep some of your children’s toys stored away each season. When the new season arrives, unveil their “new” box of toys. It’ll be like Christmas all over again!

5. Donate Toys To Charity

Look for toys that are not being played with and ask them to give their old toys to a relative or a friend. It’s always nice to teach children how to give what they used to cherish for other people they love and care for.

It is never too early to set your children on the right track to a life of organization! If you want an organized room for your children, now’s the right time to de-clutter and have your children play in a room without all that mess.

DIY All Natural Disinfectant Spray

It’s best to avoid using too many chemicals in your home. Chemical disinfectants like Lysol can end up having a reverse effect and disrupt the balance of both good and bad bacteria in your home. Try this recipe for a non-toxic, homemade disinfectant:

All that’s needed is your standard dish soap, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and 2 spray bottles.

1. Clean area with soap and water
2. Spray a mist of vinegar
3. Spray a mist of hydrogen peroxide (do not mix with vinegar)
4. Let the area air dry for 10 minutes

5. Wipe down with a damp paper towel.

Testing out our cleaning tips? We would love to hear your thoughts!